Automated (Video) Teller Machines

NCR Corp. has been pushing its video ATMs for at least a year, but the technology has only received minimal attention from consumers.

A recent article in the Boston Globe, written by none other than my old “first friend” Todd Wallack, is a signal that the devices are picking up steam.

Here is an excerpt: 

After years of advances that have allowed customers to do their banking without human interaction, the next step in ATM technology could put people back into the picture. And as Fikse demonstrated to dozens of bankers, there could be advantages to that.

Instead of using a debit card, for example, customers can show their driver’s license or other ID card, as they would with traditional tellers. They can ask for advice, get immediate answers to their questions, or just chat. And, if they want more privacy to discuss their finances, NCR has added a telephone handset to its Interactive Teller machine.

There is also a video of the machines in action, here.

Disclaimer: I am a fan of Wallack, both personally and professionally. When I was an intern at the Globe about two and a half years ago, he was exceptionally generous with me.


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