Kristof vs. The Village Voice 

The Village Voice’s  is a haven for pimps and prostitutes.

It’s a fact. There is no discussion. Just like the adult services section of, it should be shut down.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, an avid humanitarian, is right to point that out.

Yet, when executives at the alt-weekly chain are pressed on the situation, rather than address the issue, they attack the person pointing out the problem.

Excerpt from the New York Observer:

The Village Voice’s latest journalistic campaign has an unlikely target in its crosshairs: The New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.

Casual readers might think the alt-weekly champion of New York’s little guys and The Times’ in-house humanitarian would be bound by ideology. But as a result of two articles Mr. Kristof wrote this year about Voice sister company, he has become the subject of what he calls a “disingenuous” attack published on the The Village Voicewebsite.

In a pair of columns, Mr. Kristof criticized the online classifieds site for maintaining an adult services section, which—like Craigslist’s before it—serves as a virtual agora for prostitutes and their handlers. The more recent piece, published March 17, included a first-person account from “Alissa,” who was sold into sex on starting at age 16.


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