Big Ups!

[Update April 11, 2012]

University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Matt Waite, who received a Pulitzer prize for his work on, garnered similar attention on Silicon Prairie News for his work with Hack Omaha. Well deserved. 

Congratulations to my main man Matt Wynn (notice the assonance).

He was featured on a blog, Silicon Prairie News, that covers innovation in the Midwest.

Wynn is at the forefront of journalists working with big data and the web. He uses that information in order to craft stories and news applications.

He’s working with Silicon Prairie to put together a Hack Omaha event in which coders will spend three days in competition, programming in the public interest.

Here is an excerpt:

Silicon Prairie News: What outcomes would you like to see Hack Omaha produce?

Matt Wynn: When we (at the World-Herald) create something, it’s undoubtedly ours. It answers questions we want asked, it solves problems we think exist. Well, we’re journalists. We’re wired funny. We want to see how the same basic goal — make something neat out of local data — can be interpreted by folks with entirely different backgrounds. Plus, this stuff makes Omaha better. We truly hope to come out with a handful of new tools that make this an easier place to live.

What a dream boat?

You can find Wynn’s personal blog, here.


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