Dominican Street Gangs Responsible For Visa, MasterCard Breach, Reports Say

From Krebs on Security: 

Update, 12:15 p.m. ET: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the breached processor was Global Payments Inc., which processes credit and debit cards for banks and merchants. Prior to the publication of this blog post, I had heard this name from one source, but did not include it in my story because I could not get confirmation from a second source. Global Payments has not returned calls seeking comment. CNN is reporting that the company’s stock (GPN) fell 9 percent today before trading was halted on its shares.

Also am hearing that law enforcement investigators believe that this breach may be somehow connected to Dominican street gangs in and around New York City. This comes from two reliable sources.

Additionally, sources are reporting that the bulk of the fraudulent activity appears to be centering around commercial credit and debit cards (those issued to businesses). More updates as this story develops.


Since when did former drug dealers start stealing credit card numbers, and hacking into processors?

I get that you need ‘feet on the street’ to use these fraudulent white plastic cards, but  is this the new face of high-tech bank robberies?

Several alleged members of Trinitarios drug gang, target of 41 indictments by the U.S. attorney's office, are in police custody outside 26th Precinct stationhouse in Harlem. >Several alleged members of Trinitarios drug gang, target of 41 indictments… (Watts/News) — From

P.S.  I’m continually in awe of Brian Krebs, a former Washington Post reporter turned blogger. He broke this story and he continues to do incredible work on his website,


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