Gothamist’s Gutsy Move

Check the Gothamist’s story out, here.

 About an hour ago, the NYPD’s Department of Public Information (DCPI) accidentally CC’d their entire email list on a routine press release. Normally this list of about 230 email addresses is BCC’d. This list is very interesting, because it tells who the NYPD is informing about major crimes— a who’s who list of the “credentialed” NYC media establishment.

This is not an easy list to get on. Even after we received our Press Passes, it took Gothamist more than a month of daily phone calls (and a few requests by our lawyer) before we were added. The NYPD wouldn’t tell our lawyer, Norman Siegel, what the precise qualifications for being on the list were, and still hasn’t— that’s something Norman has been discussing with them for the last several weeks.



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