You know that feeling when the hair on the back of your neck stands up?

You get light headed. Maybe your cheeks get wet with tears.

It could be when you see that car your old man used to prize. The roar of the exhaust reminds you of the time he first took you for a ride as a kid. Or, maybe, it’s when the woman you love walks into the room, and you are struck by her beauty.

I feel that way about pictures.

I get that way every time I see one of Maisie Crow’s projects, or something shot by one of Luceo Images‘ several photojournalists. I’ll stare for hours at documentaries produced by MediaStorm, and created by various photogs throughout the country.

I felt that way when I watched this:

You can read more about 72-year-old photographer Mary Ellen Mark and this series, as well as its accompanying documentary, here.



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