Silicon Prairie

Like the Alleys and Valleys that have garnered a majority of the headlines, Silicon Prairie is flush with fin tech start ups.

What struck me most about the region — which is cut between Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City — is its entrepreneurs.

They are a community. They are bent on staying in the Midwest. And, they are laser focused on talking, and working, with one another in way that’s distinctly Midwestern Nice.

The region has even drawn the attention of big name investors, such as celebrity Ashton Kutcher of Punk’d fame and 26-year-old Joshua Kushner, who just doubled his money on a recent $50 million investment he made with Instagram through his venture capital firm, Thrive Capital.

You can find my @AmerBanker story, here.

You can read some of my past coverage of the region, here and here.

[Update April 13, 2012]

Silicon Prairie News linked to my story, here. As did some of the some of the companies, and sources, in the story.

[Update April 18, 2012]

Rosland Gammon, who blogs for the Reynolds’ Center for Business Journalism, was nice enough to single out this story in a post. This is the second time she gave me a  shout out.

A different take on the topic appeared in @AmerBanker’s Payment Supplement, here


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