Keep Kristin Hogan’s Memory Alive

Update: As of  4:44 pm on Wednesday May 2, the donation reached its goal. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed.   

When a friend dies, the void they leave behind fills you with regrets.

You forgot to say ‘I love you.’ You did not reach out as often as you should have. You could never express the way you felt.

Kristin Hogan died about a year ago within a dozen blocks of where I’m sitting.

She worked in the same city as I do. And, before a mutual friend told me, I had not thought about her in months.

We lived together in college.

She was an incredibly passionate woman. She was a chef at an upscale place, I’m told, the kind that I could never afford. Her love of satisfying others was insatiable.

Today, however, she has no memorial.

Several people are working to fix that by aiding her friends and family in raising funds so that a bench can be placed in her name at Peace Park in Columbia, Mo, her university’s hometown.

Please consider donating


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