Chris Christie Is Not Nice

photo credit: Office of the Governor

Source: “Christie yells at someone for something
photo credit: Office of the Governor”

New Jersey’s governor is one of the most affective in the state’s history at using the bully pulpit — the practice perfected by Teddy Rosevelt.
But instead of the podium, he’s using the platform.
In the age of social media, where sound bites are catalogued by millions on the web, Chris Christie is waging war against anyone who disagrees with him.
To some nobody with less than 500 Twitter followers:
To the outgoing New Jersey Nets:
Christie prefers the Rangers and the Cowboys, over the Devils and the Giants.
To his opposition :
He’s even using social media to do some damage control, and shape his message:
It appears, at least to me, that this brand of divisive speech and rhetoric is replacing political discourse.
It’s even more upsetting because — as a person, not a politician — Christie doesn’t seem like that bad of a guy.
But do you know what Chris Christie would say to that?
Shut Up; And, Stop Whining

4 thoughts on “Chris Christie Is Not Nice

  1. I like Christie. you’re looking at the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. And it upsets me when people make fun of his weight. Just look at William Howard Taft. Boy was HE a porker. At 310 lbs. he weighed as much as Teddy Roosevelt and half of William McKinley

  2. That last comment made me think about how far away 2016 is into the future, taffy, and I can’t stop saying the word porker in my head over and over again. Too many old people names.

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