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I took my annual — well, only my second — trip to Boston to cover the CEB TowerGroup conference.

Along the way I met a fulltime blogger; A lifelong copy editor; An (especially attractive) event planner for a New Haven, Conn. museum; An elderly attorney who was returning from visiting his son in Chicago; And a father-and-son, who were traveling to Philadelphia to meet up with family and then head back to Rhode Island.

Somewhere in between Boston and New York Penn on the four-and-a-half hour Amtrak ride, each taught me something. Mostly that folks are still friendly, even on the seemingly aggressive East Coast.

While I was in New England, however, I got to stop by the Boston Globe newsroom and visit an old friend, Andy Boyle.

I offered to pose in the picture above. The “Gangasta Rap” t-shirt was sitting on Boyle’s desk.

On a different note, check out my stories from the three-day conference.

I interviewed big bank executives, spoke with technology vendors and made an attempt at understanding the foibles of digital wallets.

Balance Sheet Pressures, Digital Wallet Competitors, Drive Banks to Rethink Retail Channels
May 29, 2012 What banks are doing today for their retail customers isn’t working, attendees at last week’s TowerGroup conference…

In Lieu of Branches, Bespoke Bankers
May 31, 2012 Admirals Bank has a rather unusual retail strategy — replacing branches with iPad-toting, Mercedes-driving specialized…

A Model for Banks: Citi’s Broad Payments Vision
May 24, 2012 Paul Galant, Citi’s head of enterprise payments, shares the company’s direction on the mobile wallet and B2B payments.

Banks Risk Becoming ‘Dumb Pipes’ Unless They Partner on Payments
May 23, 2012 A TowerGroup analyst has strong words for banks reluctant to get involved in mobile payment initiatives.

In the Branch, Tablets Mean Money
May 23, 2012 New products are making paperless account openings and loans possible via tablets.

Banks Can’t Handle the Mobile Wallet, TowerGroup Analyst Says
May 23, 2012 Most banks don’t have the IT infrastructure to support the flood of payments data that will come with mobile payments…

This Week’s TowerGroup Conference Theme: How to Stay Relevant
May 22, 2012 Senior bank executives and TowerGroup analysts, as well as our own Sean Sposito, are headed to Boston to hash out ideas for…

Madge Meyer, chief innovation officer at State Street, gave some advice at the TowerGroup conference this week. American Banker technology reporter Sean Sposito, who was in Boston covering the meeting, found her comments interesting and entertaining.


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