Our first “infographic.”

source: Tomorrow Mag

Good Mag exiles and Tomorrow magazine co-founders and editors Tim FernholzAnn Friedman,Megan GreenwellAmanda HessCord JeffersonDylan C. LathropZak Stone, and Nona Willis Aronowitz hit their target on Kickstarter in less than four hours.

From Tomorrow Mag:

It took three weeks, a small forest’s worth of paperwork, hours on the phone with customer service agents, a crash course in starting a small business, and a road trip to the Los Angeles County clerk’s office (which is not, in fact, in Los Angeles). But we made it: Our Kickstarter page went live just moments ago. If you have the inclination and resources, we’d love your support, whether it’s $5 or $1,000. The incentives are sweet—stickers, tote bags, a personalized message from James Deen, and magazines too. We’d appreciate any help spreading the word via social media, too. And if you’ve emailed us about contributing in other ways, keep your eyes out for an email later today about how you can get involved.

I was so excited, I wrote a quick scraper in Google Docs that will update every hour to track exactly how much cash they raise, and how quickly they raise it.

Look, here, if you want to create a similar scraper. Find out more about Tomorrow, here.


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