Come Hang Out!


Good news: My publication, American Banker, is looking for a new tech reporter.

Better news: You get to work with me.

The job: You’ll cover an industry in flux as it tries to reinvent itself through technology (see BankSimple, Google Wallet, Square, hell, your bank’s iPhone app).

Just one of the awesome stories the person, Jeremy Quittner (Google Him!), you’ll be replacing covered during his tenure:


The digital currency called Bitcoin was conceived as a rebellion against the banking system. But it may also present business opportunities for banks that can get comfortable with the risks.

A Bitcoin is a computer file that is highly encrypted, based on open-source code and distributed through peer-to-peer networks, similar to the way digitized music is shared. The Bitcoin’s defining characteristic is its lack of a centralized issuing authority — anyone with the technological know-how and the proper hardware can “mine” the currency as it’s created by an algorithm.

Here’s an excerpt from an old job posting:

The role will involve: keeping up to date on breaking news involving large banks, community banks, back technology providers and financial regulators; selecting several newsworthy items per day; and quickly producing 300 to 600 word stories. The successful candidate will be expected to develop larger feature stories based on his or her reporting.

Contact me with any questions, @SeanSposito or SeanSposito(at)gmail(dot)com.

Better yet, just apply, Penny.Crosman(at)SourceMedia(dot)com


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