Where You Won’t Find PayPal’s Here, or VeriFone’s SAIL

photo.JPGAt the annual Asbury Park tattoo convention (I refuse to use its official name, because it sounds ridiculous), I saw several booths accepting credit card payments with Square dongles.

Tattooers are the epitome of small business owners. Most work for themselves.

That makes their use of Square even more important. It shows the dominance the Silicon Valley start-up.

The question is, is the casual credit card accepter, mostly working out of food trucks and garage sales, a market large enough to sustain Square’s lofty valuation.

Indeed, Square isn’t alone in the super small merchant market. PayPal and VeriFone  have recently launched dongles of their own.

That means that it may only be a matter of time until the largest companies in the market take over the space, and push out this upstart with better marketing and superior technology.


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