Image: Sean Sposito

When I came up on this dude passed out on a series of space-aged bean bags, I couldn’t help but snap a shot.

Clearly exhausted from coding, he was taking part in a weekend hackfest put on by Dwolla and aimed at eCommerce.

From @AmerBanker:

Pizza boxes, beer cans and laptops littered the top floor of a Manhattan office building as about 225 geeks pulled an all-nighter “hacking” digital commerce platforms to create new applications.

The roughly 30-hour, caffeine-fueled event was eCommerce Hack Day, a slumber party full of mostly twentysomethings competing for $20,000 in prizes. Over the weekend, programmers toyed with text messages, near-field communication technology and payment systems such as PayPal in hopes of finding new ways to facilitate purchases and payments.

The coding marathon underscored the pace of innovation in financial services, and the potential for further disruption for banks and payment networks. Some of the teams that created software at the event were made up of people who had just met one another, yet the event yielded 37 innovative tech “hacks” literally overnight.


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