Can’t Knock His Hustle


I was lucky enough to hang out with fintech entrepreneur Wade Arnold at his company’s Cedar Falls, Iowa headquarters a month or so back. Here is the resulting profile.

From @BankTechNews:

Wade Arnold leans against the wood veneer bar at Zsavooz, a busy strip mall restaurant filled with pool tables and dart boards off highway 58 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The 34-year-old head of the banking technology company Banno gestures around the noisy room.

“I have all my internal meetings here,” he says. “We call it Banno East.”

This 40,000-person city is far from the tech capitals of New York and San Francisco. But it is where, with no acumen for banking at the start, Arnold transformed his company from a web design shop into one of the top financial technology outfits to watch in the coming year.

Roughly four years ago, in a series of lunch meetings at this bar, he negotiated a deal that netted Banno a half-million dollars in investments from local commercial real estate developers.

Silicon Prairie News Shout Out:




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