The iPhone: An Unexpected Mobile Payments Device

It’s the law of unintended consequences — whatever you create, expect it to be used in ways you’ve never imagined.

That’s especially true for the iPhone.

Long before Apple updated its mobile platform to facilitate voice-activated payments through the ticket buying service Fandango, Chris Teso was making purchases using the device’s Siri software.

Apple’s (AAPL) latest update to its mobile platform iOS 6 now allows iPhone users to purchase big screen tickets with the sound of their voices.

That’s because the chief executive of mobile payments start-up Chirpify, Teso, was using the smartphone’s voice recognition software, Siri, to tweet cash through his company’s platform.

You see, Chirpify works when a person tweets a certain set of instructions (such as “buy”) to a merchant. And by design Siri will tweet for an iPhone user.

The idea facilitated Chirpify’s brand of commerce perfectly, he says.

Chirpify is a service that today sits on top of PayPal. It connects users’ Twitter or Instagram accounts directly to the eBay subsidiary (PayPal) in order to facilitate those payments.

The start-up is relatively new, though, so Teso says he’s not promoting Siri as a method to make payments through Chirpify… yet

Still, it’s deliciously intriguing to think how innovators can create new software that can use the iPhone — or any smartphone, really — to move money.

Any thoughts?


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