For Salty Pimp, It’s Square On The Counter


There are few things that can dull the taste of chocolate soft serve, dripping with dulce de leche, dipped in chocolate and coated with sea salt and served on a cone. At Big Gay Ice Cream, It’s called a Salty Pimp.

And for the owners, perhaps the only cost that could sour the taste might be how much they’re paying for their point of sale system — sometimes as much as $9,000 a machine (you know, the ones that sit on the counter and are attached to a card swiper).

That’s perhaps why this brick and mortar store in the East Village is using Square to accept card and manage cash.

From @AmerBanker (Spring 2011):

Square Inc., an early and successful contender in mobile payment acceptance, has launched a new system that it says can replace a traditional cash register.

Square’s earlier card reader was focused on small merchants, such as vendors at a farmer’s market, that might not have the ability to use a full point of sale terminal.

In this way, the San Francisco company was attempting to fill a void in the market. Its new Square Register app instead takes aim at the established payment system — its promotional video even depicts a user removing an old, bulky cash register to make room for an iPad.


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