Facebook Tests ‘Buy Tickets’ Feature, Reports Say

Commerce is the aim of any platform that brings together a massive number of buyers and sellers.

Facebook (FB) is a prime-example. The social networking giant recently announced a multi-purse gift card.

Facebook (FB) is further dipping its toe into physical payments and launching a new, branded gift card for its users. The piece of closed-loop plastic is redeemable at several national retailers.

The social networking giant made the cards, which are redeemable at Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target, available to its users last week. The Facebook Card is reloadable and one card can be at all four merchants. Users set up different buckets of money to use at any of those chains.

Now, there is news that the Menlo Park, Calif. company is launching a tickets button for events.

From AllFacebook.com:

Facebook is testing different buttons allowing users to buy tickets to events, but the actual transactions take place off the social network, as clicking on the buttons take users to third-party websites.

Blink Vice President of Media Eti Suruzon shared the screen grabs below, but the buy tickets buttons were not available when we accessed the same events.

Users: Have you seen any similar buy tickets buttons on Facebook?


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