#AmexSync Begins Its Big Marketing Push

American Express is reaching out directly to its cardholders over twitter in order to promote its new social media commerce method — Amex Sync.

The process allows Amex customers to tweet #HashTags at merchants in order to make purchases.

In addition, every time you tweet #AmexSync, the New York credit card company tweets this back:

Amex’s thrust into social payments helps validate the concept, which has been pushed by startups (Chirpify and Dwolla) for at least a year.

From @AmerBanker:

Up until the New York credit card company announced Monday it will allow its cardholders to purchase real-world items over the social media platform, there was doubt that Twitter transactions would ever get off the ground. “Amex definitely legitimizes it,” says Rakesh Agrawal, a consultant on mobile payments and marketing. “They are a major player that has tens of millions of cardholders, and they are willing to spend on marketing.”

He adds that while social media spending doesn’t work for all kinds of purchases — “You are not going to tweet a hashtag to buy a car,” Agrawal says — there is definitely a sweet spot.


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