What A Phishing Attack Looks Like

It’s easy to get taken advantage of by the bad guys.

The email looked real. It carried a serious message. And, alarmingly, it contained legitimate looking links.

But, no, by clicking what looked like a harmless itinerary of a flight you never booked, you’ve just exposed yourself to malicious software that could compromise your bank account and your identity.

phishing attack

From, Microsoft’s Security Blog;

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal money. Cybercriminals can do this by installingmalicious software on your computer or stealing personal information off of your computer.

Cybercriminals also use social engineering to convince you to install malicious software or hand over your personal information under false pretenses. They might email you, call you on the phone, or convince you to download something off of a website.

Any folks out there have other examples of these emails? 


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