Can Banks Game Facebook Graph?



Facebook’s new search tool enables people to zero-in on businesses and peers with specific tastes and traits. 

The social networking giant launched Graph, which it’s been trialing for months, to all its users on Monday. 

Facebook’s new searching system will of course give people more chances to discover a bank.  But, does that cut both ways? 

As a result of Graph, will banks be able to better market to new customers?

Marketo: Is there an opportunity for marketers with Facebook’s Open Graph Search?

Scoble: Well it’s pretty good at finding people. For example, you could search for friends of friends who like programming, which is great for hiring and great for finding people with similar interests. It’s also fun for finding restaurants in San Francisco that my friends like.

I am not sure yet how I would change my marketing team or my marketing outflow just yet other than to make sure that all profiles are completely up to date and that they are indeed public. If you are one of those privacy freaks you are going to lose in this world because no one can find you. You have to switch your mindset from locking down your newsfeed and thinking it’s all about family photos and privacy. The new mindset is to set it all public so people can find you and do business with you, but then keep your family photos private. When you publish content you can choose to publish that to the public, or publish it to a small group of people. I have a family group with 10 people in it, they are my close family

If you’re a marketer you need people to be able to find you in order to do business.  It’s your job to make it easy for a user to find your phone number and email address. Also watch your messages because if you’re not a friend of a friend and you message someone, you’re going to get thrown into the “other inbox”.  Not many people realize that there are two inboxes in messages. There is your main inbox and then there is the “other” inbox. Make sure you watch that other inbox, because sometimes good stuff gets thrown in there.


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