Wearable Computing You Can Buy Now


Google isn’t alone in its quest for a wearable piece of computing. One option, that consumers can purchase online today (instead of waiting for the search engine giant to release Glass), is the Recon Jet.

From Engadget:

Want to embrace Recon Instruments’ sunglasses-based vision of the future before it officially reaches store shelves? You can: the company has just started pre-orders for its Jet heads-up display in a $499 Pilot Edition. The inaugural eyewear will come with apps for both cyclists and triathletes, and it should beat the production model to market by several months. There’s even a financial incentive for that impatience, as the pricing goes up to $599 on July 21st. If you don’t mind a potentially rough experience while tracking your mid-race performance, the Pilot Edition is waiting at the source link.

The gadget, which boasts an API for third-party developers, is being targeted at cyclists and sportsmen. It’s unclear if there is any application for financial services.

Still, the launch of the Recon Jet shows that the technology isn’t difficult to produce — leaving me to think that there will be a variety of options for those that want to combine digital hardware with eyeglasses or watches.


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