In Lieu of Snow Days; Travel Delays: Stats

As powder turned to ice this week, two things were clear — flights were getting canceled and people were scrambling for local hotel rooms.

On Monday morning, Delta, for instance, knew that its planes would be delayed or worse.

Earlier, the National Weather Service had already expanded a winter storm watch it issued the previous day to include the entire metro Atlanta area.

Independently, a team of Delta meteorologists started flagging certain customers, offering them waivers, giving those folks the chance to move up their flights or book new tickets.

“We were trying to move customers ahead of the weather impact, or beyond it,” a spokesman told me.

On the day of the snowfall, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International saw 931 of its flights delayed or canceled, topping the list of airports with errant travel plans, according to data provided by FlightAware, a Houston-based global aviation software and data services company.

That number rose from less than 16 the day before. And on Wednesday, 1099 flights were either canceled or delayed.

Similarly, searches for rooms on Expedia-owned rose.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, people scrambling for rooms on both desktop and mobile devices skyrocketed.

(Note: capped the data provided to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at 100 searches)

* I gathered this data as part of my role at the AJC; The information is either being used in interactive graphic for the newspaper or in further reporting.

I’m posting it here in an effort to empty my notebook.


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