ASL… In Atlanta/Single in the Snowstorm/Looking for Love?

There are two things I know to be anecdotally true about snowstorms.

First: It’s cold.

Second: Everyone is using the inclement weather in order to get, well, busy.

Tinder. OkCupid…. And a myriad of other dating apps (idk, Grindr?).

People are either swiping right, or rating folks indiscriminately high in order to find someone to brave the weather with.

If that’s you, or better yet, if you’re getting besieged by unwanted messages, please get in touch. I’m working on a story.


Of course, there are those jerks that never have such issues. I got this note back from a buddy on Facebook.

This was my [lady] roommate’s reply to that:
“No, if I’m trying to get laid it has very little to do with the weather, sir. More like are any of your friends’ regular attempts to get laid being thwarted by the snowstorm? In which case the answer is still no because we have no problem “getting laid.” ever.”

Some people are just obnoxious.


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