Cold Comfort

From @AJC: 

For some, the cold (perhaps enhanced by the approach of Valentines Day) felt like the perfect impetus to shack up.

“Well, I think people have more obvious time when work is cancelled,” says a 28-year-old Atlantan, who only offered her first name, Katie, in a message on the online dating site OKCupid.

“I currently have 109 unread messages. Some are nice, some are creepy, some have grammatical errors that I can’t even begin to decipher, and some I haven’t even bothered to look at.”

Racheal Borgman, 27, of Decatur, said she noticed lines of men, Monday night, at the Kroger in Edgewood, buying wine, and roses, and, of course, condoms.

“Almost every guy I’ve met on OKCupid has suddenly resurfaced, texting to see if I need provisions, a bottle of wine, someone to cuddle with, a snowball fight,” she says. “And everyone has a fail-proof opener for their messages today: ‘You surviving Clusterflake v2.0?’”

A guy she met over OKCupid — a handsome National Guardsman — brought her her beer and wine, which she did not decline. “I missed (making it to) the liquor store,” she explained, “so this was an important delivery.”

Borgman kissed him, passionately, on her doorstep. He went back to work. They’re getting together this weekend.


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