Security: Georgia’s Ethics Commission Website, Same as Sutherlin City, Oregon

Iranian hacker collective the Ashiyane Digital Security Team hijacked the website of the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission (ridiculous long name, right?!)

The sophistication of the attack most likely wasn’t impressive.

Some of Ashiyane’s other exploits: defacing the cities of Amity and Sutherlin City, Ore’s websites.; and the British website of the Wells Skittles League (the sport is an obscure European Lawn Game,) among other low-level targets

That probably says something about the state’s priorities when it comes to IT: defacing a government website isn’t very high on the list.

Some background on Ashiyane (from Wikipedia):

[The group] is an active Iranian hack and security team and claimed to be the oldest one in Iran. Founded by Behrooz Kamalian in the early 2002, Ashiyane focused on improving the security of Iranian websites. Since then, Ashiyane held several seminars and courses for beginners with the aim of demonstrating the importance of online security.[2] Ashiyane currently has more than 30 official members and their office is located in Tehran. Ashiyane ranked first in Zone-H‘s list of notifiers for a while.


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